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Course brief

This course is designed to help web developers to have an understanding of the javascript concepts with an easy to understand examples. JavaScript lets you add interactive features to your Web sites, including dynamically updated content, controlled multimedia, animated images, and much more. By the way the course is organised student will learn the reason for a concept requirement and also learn the way a programmer should think to solve a problem. You'll also learn best practices. By the end of the course we expect you would be able to understand the javascript code written by other fellow developers and write your own code to make your website more interactive using DOM.

6 weeks


₹5000 10%

Why learn Javascript?

JavaScript is a computer programming language that executes complex actions on web pages. JavaScript lets you add interactive features to your Web sites, including dynamically updated content, controlled multimedia, animated images, and much more. Javascript is a very beginner-friendly programming language, and everybody can start learning without any previous experience. Taking into consideration the demand on the market is huge for Javascript developer. Javascript is everywhere. It is used to front end pages which run on desktop, laptop and mobile. It is also used in game development, even you can implement machine learning algorithm.

What you will learn

Lesson 1
In this lesson you'll learn about storing different types of data values and performing operations on them and learn to create functions
  • JavaScript overview, Variables, values, functions, operators, and expressions
Lesson 1
UiPath Introduction
Installation of UiPath Software and Overview of the UiPath Tool features.
  • Introduction of UiPath and RPA
  • Download & Install UiPath Studio Community
  • The User Interface Introduction (UiPath Studio)
  • Workflow Designer Panels
  • Type of Workflow Introduction
  • Keyboard Shortcut Keys
  • Download/Manage Packages
Lesson 2
In this lesson you will learn about executing statements based on the conditions, repeatedly execute code using loops and learn about events and callbacks
  • Conditional statements, loops and logical operators, Functions and callbacks, Handling events, The DOM API
Lesson 2
UiPath Variable
Creating different types of variables to store different values in memory as part of Process Automation.
  • Types of Variables
  • Managing Variables (Create, edit and remove)
  • Variable Naming Best Practices
  • Browsing for .Net Variable Types
Lesson 3
Types of Workflow
Creating the workflow/XAML to make reusable components as part of project Organization.
  • Sequence
  • Flowchart
  • State Machine
  • Global Exception Handler
Lesson 3
In this lesson you will learn about arrays to store large amount of data than a single value and iterators and we will also look into javascript API
  • APIs, Arrays and iterators, HTML5 multimedia and JavaScript API
Lesson 4
In this lesson you will learn about Objects in javascript and their properties and methods
  • Objects, properties and methods, Creating multiple objects
Lesson 4
UiPath Arguments
Creating Arguments that would actually make the Workflow files/XAML files Reusable across the Project.
  • Types of Arguments
  • Managing Arguments (Create, edit and remove)
  • Argument Naming Best Practise
  • Convert Variable to Argument
Lesson 5
Importing Namespaces
.Net Namespaces that will enable different methods of .net framework to be used in Project.
  • Import Namespace
  • Remove Namespace
Lesson 5
In this final lesson we will learn about built-in js objects and also we will se how to use javascript to perform form validation and finally we will learn JSON notation
  • Built-in JavaScript objects, HTML5 tables, forms and input fields, The JSON notation
Lesson 6
Control Flow Activities
Working with Control flow activities which will help to build the BOT as per the Business Rules set.
  • Assign Activity
  • Delay Activity
  • If Activity
  • Flow Decision Activity
  • Nested If
  • While Activity
  • Do While Activity
  • Switch Activity
  • Flow Switch Activity
  • For Each Activity
Lesson 7
Ui Automation
UiPath Activities and features that will help in automating the Business Applications
  • Ui Recording: Basic Recording, Desktop Recording, Web Recording, Image Recording, Native Citrix Recording
  • UI Elements: Input Methods, Input Method Examples, Output Method, Output Method Examples, Screen Scraping
  • Data Scraping: Data Scraping Examples
  • Selectors: About Selector, Selector with Wildcards, Full Selector Vs Partial Selector, UI Explorer.
  • Image and Text Automation: Mouse and Keyboard Activities, Text Activities, OCR Activities, Image Activities
Lesson 8
Data Manipulation
Data Manipulation methods that will help in making the logics data validations and data extraction.
  • String Format Method
  • Split Method
  • Contains Method
  • Substring Method
  • Lower Case Method
  • Upper Case Method and Date Time Functions
Lesson 9
Input File/Source Automation
Activities that will help us to automate the different external Input data sources for the Business Process like Excel, PDF, JSON files and Data Base.
  • Excel Automation: Read Range Activity, Write Range Activity, Excel Application Scope, Excel Activities Vs Workbook Activities, Get Cell Colour and Fill Cell Colour, Append Range Activity, Get Workbook Sheet, Activity, Copy Sheet Activity, Work with Data Table, Output Data Table Activity, Sort Table and Sort Data Table Activity, Filter Table and Filter Data Table Activity, Merge Data Table Activity, Lookup Data Table, Activity, Join Data Table Activity, Create Pivot Table Activities, Build Data Table, Add Data Row, Add Data Column, Get Row Item, For Each Row, Remove Data Row, Remove Data Column, Clear Data Table
  • Pdf Automation: Pdf Automation Examples, Read Pdf, OCR Activities, OCR Engines
  • JSON Automation: Reading JSON as JsonObject, Reading JSON ad JsonArray
  • Database Automation: Install Database Package, Work with UiPath and Database, Connect SQL with UiPath, Disconnect, Connection String, Execute Query, Execute Non-Query, Insert Data to SQL, Start Transaction, Execute Query Vs Execute Non-Query?
Lesson 10
Email Automation
Activities that will help us to automate the Email functionalities like sending Emails upon successful completion of Business Process and different Email Activities.
  • Send Outlook Email
  • Get Outlook Email
  • Filter Outlook Email
  • Send Attachment in Outlook
  • Download Outlook Email Attachments
  • Save Outlook Mail Message
  • Move Outlook Mail Message
  • Reply to Outlook Mail Message
Lesson 11
Exception Handling
Handling the exceptions that occur in the Business Process Execution in order to resume the process execution or abort the execution.
  • About Exception and Exception Handling
  • Advantage of Exception Handling
  • Try Catch Finally
  • Throw
  • Rethrow
  • Throw Vs Rethrow
  • Terminate Workflow
Lesson 12
Orchestrator is a server application use to control the Robots for Business Process Execution, Assets creation and Queues creation.
  • Basic Orchestrator
  • Tenant and Multi-tenant
  • Create and Manage Machines
  • Create and Manage Robots
  • Types of Robot
  • Types of Machine
  • Create and Manage Environment
  • Publish Project to Orchestrator
  • Deploy Process to Orchestrator
  • Upload a Package to Orchestrator
  • Manage Package Version in Orchestrator
  • Start a Job from Orchestrator
  • Start/Manage Job from Tray
  • Stop/Kill the Jobs in Orchestrator
  • Work with Queue
  • Create and Manage Assets
  • Type of Assets
  • Schedule Process
  • Application Exception Vs Business Exception
  • Should Stop Activity
Lesson 13
RE-Framework Project
RE-Framework is a predefined template used to automate the complex business processes.
  • RE-Framework Overview
  • RE-Framework Sample UIDemo Project using Excel
Lesson 14
Live Sample Project
One Web based Project using RE Framework


Can I attend this course online?

Yes. This course is completely online

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Yes. On successful completion of this course, we will be issuing you a Course Completion Certificate

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