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Tableau course

Data Analytics and visualization using Tableau is comprehensive course that helps you master the Tableau desktop from basic to advance. Before diving deep into the Tableau desktop you will go through data warehouse concepts, data modeling, ETL, data profiling, data cleansing and SQL topics thoroughly. During Tableau desktop sessions you will learn to master the skill of efficiently using the Tableau desktop for data analysis and visualization. Real-time use cases are covered through out the training program.
7 weeks
Basic Excel


₹20000 15%

Career prospects of Tableau

There is a high demand for the professionals who knows Tableau and it is increasing due to the wide range of visualizations available in the Tableau. Tableau has ranked as a leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant.

Below are the list of designations available for the professionals in Tableau with high range of salaries.

Data Analyst
Business Analyst
Analytics Manager

What you will learn

Chapter 1
Introduction to Data Analysis
  • Who is Data Analyst
  • What are the roles of Database Analyst
  • Difference between Business Analyst and Database Analyst
Chapter 2
Data warehouse Introduction
  • What Is a Data Warehouse?
  • Data Mart, Operational Data Stores, Characteristics of a Data Warehouse
  • Differences between Database and Data warehouse and Data Mart and ODS
  • OLTP Vs OLAP Vs DataMart Vs ODS, Uses and benefits of an ODS
  • ODS and Data Warehouse Design, OLTP v/s OLAP, Data Warehouse Architecture
Chapter 3
  • Normalized, De-Normalized
  • Anamolies
  • 1st Normal Form
  • 2nd Normal Form
  • 3rd Normal Form
Chapter 3
Data Modelling Introduction
  • Conceptual
  • Logical
  • Physical
Chapter 4
Data profiling, Data cleansing
  • Introduction SQL Queries
  • DDL Statements, Create table, Truncate, Drop Table
  • DML Statements, Insert, Update, D, DQL Statement
  • Select Query, Clauses, Where, Like, Order by, Group by, Having
  • Distinct, Functions, Aggregate Functions, Count, Max, Min, Sum
  • Avg, String Functions, Length, Lower, Upper, Ltrim, Rtrim, Reverse, Replace, Constraints
  • Not null, Default, Unique, Primary Key, Foreign Key, Check, SQL Joins
  • Inner join, Left Outer join, Right Outer join, Full Outer join, Self join, Union, Union All
Chapter 5
What is Data Visualization? Introducing Tableau Desktop
  • Installing Tableau
  • Community tools
  • Interface & workflow
  • Helpful resources etc.
Chapter 6
Connecting to Data
  • Connection types
  • Data interpreter
  • Unions & joins
  • Live connections vs. extracts etc.
Chapter 7
Sorting, Filtering & Grouping
  • Dimensions vs. measures
  • Context filters
  • Sets & Hierarchies
  • Groups
  • Action filters etc.
Chapter 8
Visualizing Data with the Marks Card
  • Mark types
  • Visual properties
  • Stacking marks
  • The pages shelf
  • Analytics tools etc.
Chapter 9
Analyzing Data with Calcs & Parameters
  • Aggregations
  • Table calculations
  • LOD expressions,
  • Parameters, addressing & partitioning etc.
  • Dynamic Sets
Chapter 10
Building Interactive Dashboards
  • Dashboard objects & sizing
  • Dashboard Best Practices
  • Tiled vs. floating
  • Device designer
  • Stories, etc.
Chapter 11
Tableau Relationships
  • Logical & physical layers
  • Contextual joins
  • Smart aggregation etc.
Chapter 12
Dynamic Design
  • Custom templates
  • KPI shapes
  • Dynamic formatting
  • Filter menus etc.
Chapter 13
Parameter & Set Actions
  • Interactivity
  • Relative dimensional analysis
  • Animation
  • Colour scaling etc.
Chapter 14
Geospatial Mapping
  • Spatial functions
  • Custom territories
  • Hierarchies
  • Background maps etc.
Chapter 15
Advanced Calculations
  • Advanced table calcs
  • LOD functions
  • Cohort analysis etc
Chapter 16
Predictive Analytics
  • Regression models
  • Forecasting
  • Clustering
  • R & Python integration etc.
Chapter 17
Solving Real-World Problems
  • 1,000 Startups
  • Coal Terminal Utilization Analysis
  • City Parks Safety
  • State Salary Analysis
  • Retail Sector Forecasts
  • World Health Trends
  • Regional Profit Analysis
Chapter 18
Tableau Server/ Tableau Online
  • eau Server/ Tableau Online
  • Publishing
  • Security
  • Add User
  • Create Groups
  • Scheduling
Chapter 19
Final Projects & Interview Preparation
  • Projects & Interview Preparation
  • Resume Building
  • Interview Questions
  • Mock Interviews
  • Tableau Certification Activities


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