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Beginner level android course

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Course brief

This is a android beginners course. For this course you should know core java and basic programming skills. In this course you will learn about the building blocks of the android through out the course. You will learn about the UI View Components and Containers, Intents, Activities, Fragments and learn how menus are implemented in Android. You will then learn about Views and Adapters, executing Background tasks using async tasks, workers and services and learn when to use which. You will also learn about different types of storages in android, Content Providers and Notifications.

6 weeks


₹13000 70%

What you will learn

Lesson 1
  • What is Android, Setting up Android studio, Hello world example, Dalvik VM, Android Software Stack, Android Core, building Blocks, Android Emulator, AndroidManifest.xml, file, Android resources
Lesson 2
  • Toast, Button, Toggle Button, Switch Button, Image Button, CheckBox, AlertDialog, Spinner, AutoCompleteTextView, RatingBar, DatePicker, TimePicker, ProgressBar, Quick Contact Budge, Analog Clock and Digital Clock, Working with hardware Button
Lesson 3
  • Activity, Activity Lifecycle,Intents, Implicit Intent and Explicit Intent, Fragments, Fragment Lifecycle
Lesson 4
  • Option Menu, Context Menu, Popup Menu, Relative Layout, Linear Layout, Constraint Layout, Table Layout, Grid Layout
Lesson 5
  • ListView, GridView, WebView, ScrollView, SearchView, Array Adaptor, ArrayList Adaptor, Base Adaptor
Lesson 6
  • Async Task, Workers, Services, IntentService, Android Bound Service, Service Life Cycle, Broadcast Receivers
Lesson 7
  • Shared Preferences, Internal Storage, External Storage, SQLite API
Lesson 8
  • Content Proividers, Contact Content Provider, Built-in Content Providers, Content URI, ContentResolver, Sharing Information from custom content provider
Lesson 9
  • Notification API, Creating Notification Builder, Setting Notification Properties, Attaching Actions, Issuing Notification, NotificationCompat.Builder class


Can I attend this course online?

Yes. This course is completely online

Will I get a certificate after completing the course?

Yes. On successful completion of this course, we will be issuing you a Course Completion Certificate

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