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Course brief

Scratch is a block-based visual programming language. It is a free object-oriented software development kit (SDK) that allows children age 8-16 to create animations, interactive stories, games and music without needing to know a specific programming language. Scratch has proven to be a popular initiative with over 25,000,000 students. The Scratch interface is divided into three main sections: a stage area, block palette, and a coding area to place and arrange the blocks into scripts that can be run. 1. The stage area features the results (e.g., animations, turtle graphics, either in a small or normal size, with a full-scree.n option also available) and all sprites thumbnails being listed in the bottom area. 2. With a sprite selected at the bottom of the staging area, blocks of commands can be applied to it by dragging them from the block palette into the coding area. The Costumes tab allows users to change the look of the sprite in order to create various effects, including animation. The Sounds tab allows attaching sounds and music to a sprite. 3. When creating sprites and backgrounds, users can draw their own sprite manually, choose a Sprite from the library, or upload an image.

6 weeks
Min Age: 7 years and Grade 2 or 3


₹25000 20%

Why learn Scratch?

Coding for kids is the collection of opportunities available for children to get involved in coding. These opportunities aim to be fun and gamified to keep the young mind engaged. Even if your child wants to do something outside of computer science when they grow up, their coding skills will prove useful across many different fields. Coders are in high demand. It provides a competitive advantage for today's generation kids. It allows students to understand better about the world with coding knowledge. Coding improves creativity, problem-solving, persistence and communication, which are the most needed quality a student must-have.

What you will learn

Lesson 1
  • Movements of sprites like angles and position
Lesson 2
  • Controls the visuals of the sprite.
Lesson 3
  • Plays audio files and effects
Lesson 4
  • Event handler.
Lesson 5
  • Conditions and loops.
Lesson 6
  • Sprites can interact with the surroundings
Lesson 7
  • Mathematical operators, comparisons.
Lesson 8
  • Variable and List usage and assignment
Lesson 9
My blocks
  • Allows defining functions which have no return value.
Lesson 10


Can I attend this course online?

Yes. This course is completely online

Will I get a certificate after completing the course?

Yes. On successful completion of this course, we will be issuing you a Course Completion Certificate

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